Red River WH40K

The First Conflict!

Fumbling towards understanding

Jason and I got together on Monday, October 1st, 2012, and discussed the new and changed 6th edition Warhammer 40,000 rules. We each shared our 750 point army lists, and then cooperated in generating the random details for next week’s match:

Mission: Crusade! (p126)

Deployment: Dawn of War on a 4×4 square field. (p119)

The table is divided in to four 2×2 quadrants, each with a terrain density of 3 in all four squares.

There will be five objectives scattered across the quadrants, as well.

Bill’s Storm Crows will depoloy first, and, unless Jason’s Imperial Guardsmen “Seize the Initiative” (p122), will go first as well.


The Storm Crows detachment

Captain Lazarus Long
(Space Marine Captain with a Storm Bolter and Power Sword)

Sergeant Dimitri leading a full squad of Tactical Space Marines
(9 Space Marines and Sergeant Dimitri, Heavy Bolter, Flamer, transported in a Rhino with a ’Dozer blade, Storm Bolter, and Hunter-Killer Missle)

Sergeant Nikolai leading a full squad of Space Marine Scout/Snipers
(9 Scouts led by Sergeant Telion in Camo Cloaks, armed with Sniper Rifles and a Heavy Bolter)

(Dreadnought equiped with right and left twin-linked autocannons)

Land Speeder

The First Conflict!

Verdun 297th expeditionary force:

Major Adrian Wallace
(Carapace, power weapon, and bolt pistol)
Attended by 4 veterans
(3x plasma guns, Medicae, carapace armor)

Veteran squad ’Dirk’s Daggers’ lead by 2nd Lieutenant Dirk MacDuff
(Carapace, 3x melta guns, shotguns)

1st platoon, lead by 1st Lieutenant Douglas MacGowen and escort
(Bolt pistol, 4x flame throwers)

1st squad, lead by Sergeant Gordan MacKenzie
(Bolt pistol, grenade launcher)

2nd squad, lead by Sergeant Hamish MacPhearson
(Bolt pistol, grenade launcher)

2x squads of 3 autocannon teams

Hellhound “Caorthannach”
(Searchlight, dozer blade, smoke launchers)

The First Conflict!

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